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Meet Our Staff

Singing Canaries Staff

Ms Ana 2022-2023.jpg

Ms. Ana Quintanilla

Ms. Ana is our Infant Room Assistant. 

Ms Heidy 2022-2023.jpg

Ms. Heidy Alarcon Romero

Ms. Heidy is our Classroom Floater

Ms. Josselyn Morales

Teddy Bears Staff

Ms Mireya 2022-2023.jpg

Ms. Mireya Coronel Botello

Ms. Mireya is our Toddler Room Teacher.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-04 at 3.02.23 PM.jpeg

Ms. Josmaily Mendez Santiago

Ms. Josmaily is our Teddy Bears assistant. 


Ms Rina 2022-2023.jpg

Ms. Rina Granados

Ms. Rina is our Teddy Bears Assistant.

Busy Bees Staff

Ms Marielos 2022-2023.jpeg

Ms. Marielos Ardon Alvarado 

Ms. Marielos is our Toddler Room Teacher

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-23 at 3.00.16 PM.jpeg

Ms. Reina Sanchez 

Ms. Reina is our Toddler Room Assistant.

Swimming Dolphins Staff

Ms Masuda 2022-2023.jpg

Ms. Masuda Stanekzai

Ms. Masuda is our Preschool 2-year-old Room Teacher.

Ms Patty 2022-2023.jpg

Ms. Patricia Cifuentes

Ms. Patty is our Toddler Room Assistant.

Curious Kittens Staff

Ms Brianna 2022-2023.jpg

Ms. Brianna Bicknell

Ms. Brianna is our Preschool 3-4 year old Curious Kittens Room Teacher.

Ms Asmae 2022-2023.jpeg

Ms. Asmae Abdi

Ms. Asmae affectionately known as Ms. Mae is our Preschool 2 year old Room Te.

Ms. Candida Sanchez

Dancing Ducks Staff

Ms Maha 2022-2023.jpg

Ms. Maha Mirghani

Ms. Maha is our Preschool 4-5 Dancing Ducks Room Teacher.

Ms Isabel 2022-2023.jpg

Ms. Isabel Rosado

Ms. Isabel is our Preschool 4-5 year old Room Assistant.

Mr. Martin Lee

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