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Teddy Bears Room

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Teddy Bears Classroom

Younger 1-year-old Room

Ages 12 months to 24 months

preference towards older infants/younger toddlers

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Personal de la aula Los Ositos Peluche

Ms. Karina 


Ms. Karina is a special staff member at HLC as she was a student of HLC before she became an aide in the Infant Room and is now a teacher in the Teddy Bears Classroom. Ms. Karina has years of collegiate and training with infants and toddlers experience 

Ms Karina 2022-2023_edited.jpg
Ms Juana 2022-2023_edited.jpg

Ms. Juana Lazo

Ms. Juana has many trainings and experience with infants and toddlers. She uses this experience in her care-taking abilityies

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