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Teddy Bears Room

Teddy Bears Classroom


Younger 1-year-old Room

Ages 12 months to 24 months

preference towards older infants/younger toddlers

Teddy Bears classroom is an exciting space where infants grow past their first year and are introduced to many thrilling activities of growing up. For example, Teddy Bears' friends use sign American Sign Language to communicate, they work on their gross motor skills by strengthening their balance and walking abilities, and are able to form bonds with their teachers. Teddy Bear friends are open to the wonder of being a big kid and how interactive their world has now become!


Personal de la aula Los Ositos Peluche


Ms. Mireya  

Coronel Botello

My name Is Mireya Coronel Botello. I graduated in 2006 with a degree in Learning Intervention, specializing in Early Childhood Education In Mexico. With over 10 years of experience in education, I've worked as a teacher in preschool and primary levels. Focusing on helping children acquire reading and writing skills in Spanish. This passion led me to pursue a certification in teaching Spanish as a second language. Currently, I hold a Childcare certification, allowing me to continue my career by interacting and learning with toddlers, which I absolutely love. I'm excited to share my knowledge as a Spanish teacher and witness how young children embrace the language and Immerse themselves In Hispanic/Latinx culture.

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Ms. Juana

Martina Vasquez

l am Ms Josmally and I come from the Dominican Republic. I moved to the Unlted States In December 2021 and the main reason was because I wanted some new changes in my lIfe such as a good education, a better way to help my family and make them proud, and the knowledge and a path that will be leading me to achieve all my dreams. My biggest dream Is to become a nurse. I graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School In May 2023. When I got the chance to start working at this Learning Center, I was completely excited because It has been teaching me a lot of things since the day 1 and so far, everything was worth It. I am also so grateful to all the people around here who helped me to keep up and never give up on my education trainings, I love kids and the amazing learning process they have as they are growing up. I love spending time with my loved ones. listening to music Is so helpful to me and I consider it as a therapy. and last but not least I speak two languages (English and Spanish).

Ms.Jocelyn "Vanessa" 

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My name is Rina Granados. I am from El Salvador. I graduated high school in my country. I love my job working with kids and bonding with them is the best thing ever, I really enjoy my job. I also have a daughter. I enjoy being a mother. My goal is to help kids and get them out of their comfort zone and make sure they learn a lot of things because I love working with kids. It makes me feel happy.

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