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Dancing Ducks Room

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Dancing Ducks

The Dancing Ducks Classroom is tailored to students ages 4-5 years old. This classroom is specialized to prepare children for their biggest transition: heading to Kindergarten. In order to prepare the students, during the year they achieved several accomplishments, such as Literacy skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), awareness of the sounds in our language, awareness of print, and the relationships between letters and sounds. The children are able to construct a sentence and write the whole sentence independently. We accomplished this by providing read-aloud stories and teaching the Violet program. The children participated and engaged, asked and answered questions, worked in a team, played with magnetic letters, made a rhyming box, and practiced sequencing. They effectively learned how to pronounce letters in an individual manner, and then blend them together in order to read. Children were able to use sight words all year to help them to begin writing and reading early.

In the DD room, they enable their motor development during outside play or inside play (gym), as they have the opportunity to jump, run, slide, play catch, ride a tricycle or a car, and socialize together. They can handle safety scissors, solve puzzles and hold their writing tools correctly. In addition, they learn about diverse cultures in a group, languages, and countries, as well as fully understand the community, background, and knowledge of the world around them to embrace different races and ethnicities. Also, we utilize calming strategies and some relaxation activities (Yoga) to incorporate relaxation and help them breathe. During science, DD class predicts, contrasts, classifies and categorizes through exploration, observation and discussion, via science projects and activities. Dancing Ducks class communicates and comprehends which will help them in school and beyond. It’s an honor to be their teacher and to be among such wonderful achievements!

Our Dancing Ducks Friends

Our Dancing Ducks Staff

Maha Mirghani

Preschool Teacher

My name is Maha Mirghani I am originally from Sudan where I received my bachelor's degree in Law from University of Cairo in Khartoum Sudan. I have been working with children since 1999 and at HLC since 2003, Teaching is may passion. I enjoy taking care of children by pronding love, care and support. Also, watching children learn and grow and master new things. Teaching gives me an opportunity to make an impact on children's lives. It is a fascinating experience for me. I love working at HLC because we have an understanding, helping and supportive team and staff. I am fluent in English and Arabic and I know some words in Spanish. When I am not working, I like to spend time with my Family and friends. Also, I love reading and traveling.

Ms. Isabel

Preschool Assistant Teacher

My name is Cesilia but everyone calls me Ms. Isabel Children are the future, not only of our nation but of all the nations o? the world and because we want a better Future in perfect peace and harmony we must work preparing our children by instilling in them love, good values and a good education. I want with all my heart to contribute my grain of sand in this cause so that all this is possible, that is when chose something as sacred as the education of our children.

Although I only have almost 2 years of experience to carry out this beautiful work, I have the support of God. God first, then with the best team of colleagues and collaborators that can always be ready to support each other. That said, I will say that it is with great joy, love and enthusiasm that I carry our my work and that I look at each and every one of the children as if they were my own. It also produces great emotion in me when the little ones respond to our love and dedication by showing them the way

Martin Lee

Preschool Assistant Teacher

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Dancing Ducks' Fine Motor Development

Dancing Ducks friends work extremely hard to be able to master their developing fine motor skills. Students in the DD classroom engage their wrist and hand coordination by building 15-30 piece puzzles, creating elaborate building structures, exploring writing tools in the writing center where they work towards writing sentences about their own drawings, and finally by using fine motor toys where they can create patterns and 

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