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Busy Bees Room


Busy Bees

Toddler Room

Busy Bees is a thrilling classroom for toddler-age students. Students ages 12 months to 24 months. Students in this classroom work on many different aspects. From gross motor abilities such as kicking, running, dancing to socializing using ASL, English, and Spanish language. Additionally, the Busy Bees friends work on artwork connecting to their Frogstreet Curriculum theme. 

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Meet the Team- Conosca el equipo 

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Ms. Marielos Ardon-Alvarado

Ms. Marielos is a wonderful Toddler teacher. She has years of experience as well as 

Hello, my name is Marielos Alvarado and I am a 2012 graduate of James Madison High school in NY. I am from El Salvador. Also, I am fluent in Spanish and English. I have been working at HLC since 2017. I love working with children. I have worked with children over 6 yrs I started as a teacher alde and 5 yrs ago I become a teacher, I enjoy teaching them feeding, and taking care of them. Im looking forward to sharing my knowledge and helping each based on their Individual needs.I love working here. teaching Is my passion. I love to see how children are growing with their potential and Imagination. I love to see how they add new words that they have learned to their vocabulary and that always brings me joy! I am a mom of 2 kids of a wonderful girl and a boy. On my time off. I like to spend time with them and create new memorles. I love to go on road trips with my family and have new adventures.

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Ms. Reina Sanchez

My name is Reina Sanchez I am from El Salvador, a country located in Central America. where I graduated from a universty in 2006. I have two and a half years of experience working as a teacher. I am very glad to have the opportunity to work with children. It's an experience that is very beautiful in knowing that I am able to exercise a profession that contributes to the care and afection primarily for the children. My goal to set a good example for all the children I work with and to help each child reach their full potential

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