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Curious Kittens Room

Our Curious Kittens classroom is offered for 3 year olds. This is when children really begin to become autonomous and interact more with others. Children in this classroom will be given the opportunity and tools to reach milestones that are appropriate at their age level. By the end of the year students will have progressed in all developmental domains that include cognitive, language, gross motor, fine motor, social studies, science, and social emotional. Our 3 year olds will cognitively be able to follow and carry out simple 3 step directions and understand the concept of counting. They will recall and recognize some letters and numbers. Children will be able to imitate and use imagination while also becoming more aware of dangers around them and how to avoid them using problem solving skills. Children’s language in this classroom will expand with more questions coming into play with who, what, where, and why questions being asked. Children will name actions happening in stories. At this stage children will be able to exchange more words to make conversation and it should be fairly easy to understand. In this busy classroom their gross motor skills will enhance while being able to stand on one foot for 5 seconds, pedal a tricycle, kick forward, go up and down stairs with no support, and throw a ball overhand. Their little hands will develop their fine motor skills with being able to begin using child safe scissors, draw simple shapes, begin copying uppercase letters, and even opening simple packaging. In social studies they will be able to recognize community helpers and their roles, and how people collaborate. In science children will explore measuring simple sizes like big and small, sorting, exploring textures, and be more curious of the world around them. Targeting our social emotional domain will allow children to develop self help skills like eating independently, cooperating with others through sharing and taking turns, and begin regulating their own emotions in an appropriate manner.

Curious Kittens Preschool Room


My name is Brianna Bicknell. I have enjoyed working alongside children throughout my career. I have reached level 5 in the Maryland Child Care Credential program. I received my 90 hour Child Development certificate in 2015. I graduated from Prince George's Community College in 2022 with an associate degree in Early Childhood. I am currently beginning my journey at the University of Maryland to receive my bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education. I am proud to work at HLC and strive to provide quality care because that is what all children deservel I love spending time with family, music and traveling

Meet the Team- Conosca el equipo 

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Ms.Brianna Bicknell

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My name Asmae Abdi, everyone calls me Ms. Mae. I'm from Morocco graduated from high school in 1988. I went to college for two years. I was a french and arabic teacher for 18 years and I did have a family daycare from 2019 till 2021.I'm a certifed Nurse's assistant and I graduated from a community heath worker class and I hope I can help children in need, I started working in HLC a year ago. I love the center because everyone in there is very friendly and very helpful. I love to work with diferent nationalities. Teaching is a passion for me and I love to see kids learning and discovering things.I was rewarded from Unisco for teaching elderly people that have never been in school and for doing a lot of volunteering to help kids in need. I speak fluent Arabic and french and I'm doing good in English.

Ms.Asmae Abdi

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